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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Feeling Alive

A few year ago I posted a blog entitled The Wow Factor!   The other day I was rereading a booklet by Silvia Hartmann titled "Events Psychology and EFT." Hartmann is a very innovative EFT therapist who has this to say about "embracing your Wow." 

She writes,  "People like to feel good - the Creator made us that way.  We are meant to feel good - and what feeling really good actually feels like, well, the energized end state gives us a new higher taste.  Most of us don't even know how good we can feel, inside ourselves, about ourselves, about the world around us.  I do believe that feeling better makes us into better people - more exciting, more interesting, more lovable and being able to give love too, better friends, partners, parents, members of society.  That is an upward spiral that will take us all higher and higher."

Therapy often begins at the opposite place of feeling good or alive.  It usually begins with folk feeling stuck in their story or content.  They are presenting experiences that bother them.  This is the content of "people, places and things" spoken about in recovery programs.

The energy driving their experience is emotion.  Feelings give texture and color to life for good or bad.  Advanced therapy techniques or what I like to call Alphabet Therapies, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping therapy), Brainspotting (David Grand), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and sound therapies (to name just a few) address the deeper emotional drivers that cause folk to get stuck in their pain.

As a client is telling their story focusing on content, emotions that are driving their experience will appear.  That is when a technique like EFT is indicated (Basic EFT Recipe).  Traditional talk therapy is often not enough to remove the emotional charge.  Especially if it is a traumatic memory.

In EFT, we tap on acupressure points, together we can remove the negative emotional charge connected to the content and memory.  By tapping on a person's story that is driven by emotion, we start to collapse the charge.  This allows for new feelings of aliveness and shifts in perceptions.  Often folk will state that the room looks clearer and brighter.  They start to feel more alive.

Techniques like EFT that involve the body/mind connection speeds up the process of change and desired results.  The goal isn't just to have less pain or even no pain.  The end goal is to reach a feeling of aliveness and vitality in the world.

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