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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Rough Days

I wrote this yesterday for my Facebook Group "Getting Unstuck." Maybe you will relate and find these thoughts helpful here...

Today has been a rough day. Sometimes reality smacks you in the face and you have to deal with it. I had a break in my schedule to get out of the house and go to what I call my other office, Starbucks (only 3 miles away).

Since I work out of my house, getting away can be a big deal. My point today is how important Social Space Connections (to learn more about the four spaces of connection click here) are to our well being. I have plenty of friends I can call for support and do that freely.
But today, I am aware of how meaningful social connections can be. Chantel works full time at Starbucks and remembers my first name and uses it with a smile everytime she takes my order (Hot Venti Caramel Latte or Pumpkin depending on the season).
Today that little brief social space connection (where in life we exchange pleasantries and almost no real personal information) lifted my spirit and touched something deeper in me that transcends a rough day. Without knowing it, in a brief two minute exchange, I was brought back to me myself.
My buddy Lee Monday (who is a psychologist) wrote a book entitled "Enjoy The Ride," after a long talk last night last night, he texted me "life is an adventure - enjoy the ride."
Coming from anyone else, I might have texted back a swear. But in reading that text, I realized that grief and pain are part of the journey - the ride. It is my emotional attachment to the pain that causes it to get stuck in my nervous system.
My emotional attachment to the past, the future or how things SHOULD be will stop the flow of energy and block a connection to my higher or centered self, the essence of who I am.
This doesn't mean that we spiritually bypass our pain, rather we go into it to restore it to flow and balance. One of the statements in Intention Tapping is "I restore the flow to (fill in the blank)." By restoring the flow to blocked sadness (in this case) it returns to flow, maybe a good cry and release. I repeated this many times after my late wife Elizabeth died two years ago. This would often result in a good cry, release and return to better flow and balance (more grounded).

There are angels all around us, the messengers of grace and possibility. If only we open our eyes to see. Even that divine sight seems to be a gift as well.

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