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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

EFT Practitioner Training Level 1

EFT Acupoints
Workshop: EFT Practitioner Training  - Part 1     
This workshop is for folk wanting to learn EFT and expand their tapping skills for personal growth.  It is also targeted for professional caregivers, clergy, healers, coaching, and therapists who want to learn an effective technique.  EFT is my “go to” tool in my psychotherapy practice.
Date: Saturday, September 12th
Time: 10 - 3 pm
Cost: $95
Instructor: Greg Carpenter LMFT
Location: The Soul Purpose
1225 GAR Highway Swansea, Ma.
Workshop Description:
Learn how to use EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques
*The Discovery Statement
*The Basic Recipe and Setup
*Being Specific
*Borrowing Benefits
*The Need for Persistence
*Tune In and Tap (no words tapping)
*Hands on Practice

Workshop Comments
"What a teacher! (OR WHAT A SKILLED INSTRUCTOR!) Greg's concise and humorous style made EFT instantly accessible and immediately useful. The experience we shared during the workshop was profound. We witnessed the healing powers of EFT and Greg made it a pleasure to learn. Highly recommended. I'd do it again.

Christina Berard, RPh, MEd,
Mind-Body Therapist

Instructor's Comments

With 25 years of experience as a therapist, nothing has energized my practice like EFT over the past ten years. I have been working with groups and leading workshops for over thirty years. You will receive valued content, experiential learning and energy from our time together! My goal is for you to experience that "aha!" moment when EFT works in a very deep way. This class will be fun, profound and an opportunity to master personal use and to begin to learn how to use EFT with others. Feel free to contact me for more information.