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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Healing Sounds & Singing Bowl Sampler

Here is the link to the Healing Sound workshop being held on April 22nd. Healing Vibrations: Your Soul on Sound

On Good Friday I attended a different spiritual venue. At Beneficient Congregational Church in Providence RI, a Gong Bath was being performed. I have been a big advocate for the clinical application of sounds as a healing tool for many years. But this modality was absolutely unlike anything I had ever experienced. The Gong Bath surpassed even my highest expectations. The sound was truly transcendant. Competely "chill" parasympathetic and then a calm high energy combined all into one. At the end it really did feel like an energetic bath. My mind, body and spirit felt as if it had been cleansed of toxic thought, feelings and sensations.

I am not sure if it was the hemispheric syncronicity, primordial sounds or brain entrainment that created this feeling of deep calm and energy. But the sympathetic resonance of the combination of sounds transported me in spite of myself. With my own sound workshop coming up in a few weeks, I couln't help but keep one eye open as an observer. In spite of keeping my left brain turned on by making mental notes, I still felt a deep penetrating state of relaxation and altered state of consciousness. My experience was from head to toe a state of "grace." Without any symbols or liturgy, the sounds communicated volumes regarding the message of the Christian celebration Easter.
This video contain my introduction and a sampling of the Tibetan Sing Bowls sounds. The sound quality here is not nearly as dynamic and energetic as in person. But it does give you a general ideas. Using stereo headphones will provide a more effective relaxation response.