Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Reading an interesting book by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D, titled "The Power of Focusing:  A Practical Guide to Emotional Self Healing."  Dr. Cornell describes "Focusing" as a body-oriented process of self awareness and emotional healing.  I often use the term "noticing" with my clients to describe a similar process of noticing how you feel and where the sensation is located within the body.

Often by noticing and having a conversation with our feelings that which is causing discomfort relaxes.

There is wisdom that comes from the body that is often inaccessible to the logical mind.

Some body awareness techniques and trauma treatments start with the worst pain or what can be called the "Oh My God!" moment.   

Dr. Cornell correctly states,  "Think of your emotions as a big lake.  You have a choice: you can plunge into the lake, or you can sit next to it.  Focusing works best when you "sit next to" what you feel instead of plunging into it."

So far her ideas seem spot on easy to understand.  I will check back with you as I move through her book.