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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finding Your Zone

Remember a time when you were firing on all cylinders? 

These snapshots from our memory can be described as a moment when time stood still and you experienced mental clarity, a calm energy and inner peace.  These emotional experiences can be described as ecstatic, blissful, passionate, elation, euphoric and joyful.  These brief peak experiences nurture our lives and carry us forward with hope and expectation.

I used to think that they were random moments that occurred when I just happened to be at the right place - at the right time.  There is a unexpected quality to peak experiences, but we can live our lives in ways that prepare us for their appearance without chasing or trying to control them.

These moments have increased once I discovered that my attitude, expectations and use of mind management methods (like Emotional Freedom Technique) are equal if not more important than time and space.  Experiencing "the flow" is part gift and part spiritual posture.

The following exercise is adapted from the book "Mystic Cool." Use it for sinking into the memory and experiences of being in the flow.

If you struggle to think of any "flow" moments you may be reaching to high. Some of those our peak moments can be quite brief but often are located along the paths of nature, friendship, intimacy, creating, sports, contemplation, travel, celebration and work as a labor of love.  For many, spiritual practices like worship, service, prayer, fasting, meditation and study/contemplation provide moments of grace/flow.

1. Identify just one peak experience or moment of flow.  Then make a list of how that moment felt in your mind and body.

2. List out ten bumper sticker phrases that capture your "Zone" experience as a way to create a mental anchor for this memory.

3.  Tap on the EFT points while recalling your Zone memory for three rounds (you can say out loud your bumper sticker phrases from above - changing phrases with each point - this can make the memory more vivid)....

Follow link for instructions on tapping points.

If any internal objections rise to the surface when tapping in the mental anchors and sensations of the peak experience - talk back to them and apply the EFT recipe for clearing out your negative beliefs and thoughts.

For Example:

"Even though part of me doesn't deserve inner peace - I accept this part and embrace a calm and peaceful mind anyway."

"Even though the flow can't happen to me - I choose to be calm, connected and curious in this moment."

"Even though my life is to ________ (insert busy, stressful, hard, impossible etc.) - I am thankful for this moment and opportunity to discovery my resiliency and strength."
Enjoy the exercise and let me know what you notice!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Importance of Time and Personality

A while back I wrote a blog about "Time Types & Attitude."

My father sent me an email with following video narrated by Professor Philip G. Zimbardo. I highly recommend it. It is worth the ten minutes of your time. You might want to read my article linked above before watching the video.