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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Quieting Your Minds Negative Stories

There are some fancy names for what I will be teaching in my workshop on April 20th (click here for more information on this workshop), Ambient Mode Music Therapy, psycho-neuroacoustic therapy and many more. But Sound work is an ancient practice that science has proven to be highly effective in creating a relaxed state. Being free of a "fight, flight or freeze" response or anxiety is the beginning of positive shifts and movement. As one instructor of mine is always saying, "movement is life."
Harmonics music or sounds can help you to naturally pacify your nasty internal stories and conditioning. Click here for a short post on your Brain's Negativity Bias My day started with feeling off, in a funk. Immediately, I went up into my head and started searching for all the reasons I might feel this way. Of course, your mind will oblige and create all sorts of reasons to match your feelings. Mental stories then feed negative emotions which in turn feed more negative perceptions and thoughts. As many say in my field, "when you are in your head your dead." When I noticed that I was getting up in my head, I sat briefly with my feelings, often that will create a shift. But today it didn't, so I went over and stood in front of my gong and and played a low drone for about ten minutes. I could feed the my mind quieting down and the sound beginning to wash over me and to create a shift in my feelings and thoughts.
To be clear, playing for ten minutes didn't get me to a state of bliss. But it did create the movement that shifted my energy. Sometimes, that is all we need. Something to wash over us and to create a shift.
Everyone doesn't have a 32 inch Sun Gong in their living room. This workshop is about teaching you the various instruments, harmonic sounds and recordings that can create a similar shift.
For example you can go to my youtube channel and listen to live recordings of Sound Baths. Here is a short sample from Three Gongs (with gongs always sounds better with good headphones)
Click here Three Gongs For more information on Brainwave Music and recordings that can be helpful click on this link to go my post on "What's In Your Wallet: Stress and Music"

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Introduction to Sound Therapy and Self Care

Learn how to use the healing sounds of Singing Bowls, Native Flutes, Rattles,  Didgeridoo, Frame Drums and and Gongs to relax and center in your divine Self.  Clear negative thoughts, anxiety and pain with sound work.  Experience and discover the “on/off” switch for managing stress through the healing vibrations of sound!

Cost:   $35/person

Date:  April 20th, 2019
Time:  10 am – 12 noon

                                        Recording From my last Sound Bath...

To register for the workshop, or to learn more, please contact:
Call:  508.639.9106
Register at Website:

What you get…
  • ·      New ways to Reduce Anxiety
  • ·      Sound tools for Self Care.
  • ·      Sound and Pain Reduction 
  • ·      Experience a centering Sound Bath

Workshops will be held at:
Quantum Health & Wellness    
549 Central Ave. Attleboro, Ma.

Leader:  Greg Carpenter  LMFT
Energy Psychotherapy
EFT & Healing Sound Therapy
PH. 401.265.2951

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Equinox Gong & Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Enjoy a mix of harmonic sounds from Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Native flutes & drum and  Didgeridoo.  This is an experiential Sound Bath/Meditation designed to create a peaceful atmosphere that increase calm, reduces tension and enhances awareness of our Secure & Centered Self. The harmonic vibrations work through the body to get to the mind and our nervous system to create positive shifts in our perceptions, possibilities, thoughts and feelings.

Click here for a link to an a full hour sound bath from last month.
Click here for a link  to a shorter 3.5 min. sample of my playing the Middle Eastern scale Native Flute from a Sound Bath back in January.

Cost: $35
Date: Thursday March 28th
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: The Soul Purpose 1225 GAR Highway Swansea, Ma.

What You Get…
  • Sound Bath with Sun, Wind and Burmese Whirling Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Native Flutes
  • Experience the Deepening Relaxation Effect of Harmonic Sounds
  • Energetic Release, Renewal & Movement
  • Shifts in Consciousness
contact Jessica Kozak: text (774) 264-1329 or email

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Mesmerizing Sounds

Some of you may have heard of or run across the YouTube videos of ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.  If you haven't, go search it on you tube and check it out.  It is a good sample of how sounds can create a strong relaxation response or what some even describe as a tingling sensation in the body.

On this Thursday (see post below), I will be conducting a Sound Bath using different harmonic instruments that help to put your mind/body/spirit into a relaxation response.  When we get out of our head and busy mind, good things begin to happen as we start to feel more centered.  Here is a link for a two and half minute sample of mesmerizing sounds from four Burmese Whirling Gongs.  I hope you will enjoy them!

Remember, if you would like to experience a Sound Bath, check out the post listed below this one about my event on this Thursday, starting at 7 pm at The Soul Purpose in Swansea Ma.