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Friday, April 1, 2016

"Finding Your Voice: Personal Empowerment and Self Acceptance Thru EFT"

Many years ago I was traveling from my home town in SW Kansas up to Denver Colorado with a one of my best friends from college. He struggled with singing, so we spent the several hours of the eight hour trip trying to teach him how to hear a note and and then match the frequency. I tried all sorts of techniques. He wasn't monotone, he just couldn't hear the right pitch. He wasn't tone deaf, but clearly tone challenged. Maybe if I had known how to use meridian tapping technqiues back then, we could have released his inner "James Taylor."
Even though he couldn't sing on key, he sang "Sweet Baby James" with all the gusto, enthusiasm and vitality that springs forth when you Find Your Voice! So for the last several hours of our ride to Denver, we sang up a storm of James Taylor tunes and created memories that are vivid even to this day.
I always liked the phrase "finding your voice." In many ways, it is the foundation of my work as a counselor. Some call it your solid self, divine image self, speaking your truth or being your authentic. In the end, it is a state of being that just feels resonant and congruent. It is a place of feeling centered, confident and connected, an open hearted way of being in the world. When we are not any of those things we feel disconnected, angry, depressed, anxious or defensive. Sometimes we don't feel anything that intense, we just feel stuck and out of tune.
I have put together a workshop to explore "Finding Your Voice: Personal Empowerment & Self Acceptance Through EFT." You will have a chance to learn how to idenfity obstacles and how to use tapping on acupoints to create personal empowerment and self acceptance.
If you looking for a teacher who has tapped away all his issues, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for someone who is also on the journey, then you might find my model of "Finding Your Voice" useful. It has helped me to make quantum leaps in finding my "pitch" over the last ten years.
If you feel out of sorts, disconnected or don't possess the level of empowement and centeredness that you desire, I believe this event will be helpful and equip you with easy to use tools that you can take along for the ride.
It will be held on Thursday April 14th at 6:30 - 8:30 pm at The Soul Purpose at 1225 GAR Highway, Swansea Ma. 
  • Learn the Basic EFT Recipe and applications for reaching personal empowerment
  • Chart your vibrational ladder and energy blocks
  • Identify and eliminate obstacles
  • Resolve limiting beliefs and release motivation
  • Identify core fears and blocks that obstruct self acceptance
Cost is $35  To register call 774-264-1329 or email Jessica Kozac at the Soul Purpose
For those who can't attend the workshop, I conduct focused coaching sessions by Skype or phone to teach how to use EFT on empowerment issues.