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Friday, May 9, 2014

StressBuster Workshop at Seven Arrows Farm in Seekonk, Ma.

On Sunday 2 -4 pm June 8th, 2014 I will be leading a StressBuster Workshop. 

My beef with most stress management workshops is that they require you to reinvent your lifestyle or grab 30 minutes that you don't have to give. 

In this event folk will learn easy to use - "while on the go" techniques that provide amazing results.

The more I learned about the mind and body's reaction to stress, the easier it became to find ways to calm it down when it over reacts or is to "jacked up" on adrenalin.

This will be a hands on "go home with" several techniques workshop.

Folk will leave knowing how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping Therapy) for daily stress and many other issues.

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