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Friday, January 6, 2012

Healing Vibrations: Your Soul (Psyche) On Sound

Location: The Reiki Room
132 Central Street, Suite 207, Foxboro, MA
 Feb. 3, 2012  7:00 - 9:00 pm
$35 per person
Surround yourself with the healing sounds of ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Experience deep relaxation, balance your energy system and open up to the flow of your spiritual self.

My Tibetan Singing Bowl Sampler - click here
·        The calming power of Sound

·        Meditating w/ Singing Bowls

·        Sound & Your Authentic Self   

·        Experience a rejuvenating Sound Bath

My Sound Travels...
Over five years ago I rediscovered the power of sound and it has clearly expanded my mental renewal tool box. Currently, I am listening to hemi-sync music while I create this post. Brain sync music and other healing sounds are an excellent way to acknowledge negative emotional states and gently shift to a balanced brain.

I have experiemented with the sounds produced by Tibetan Singing Bowls, rattles, cd's, drums and our own vocal chords. Singing Bowls are my personal favorite. The transcendant sounds they produce have been astounding. My collection has multiplied from one bowl purchased over one year ago to twelve and still growing. The antique bowls produce harmonic and rich tones that pull you into a brain entrainment of deep relaxation.

Through these ancient methods for producing healing sounds clients have experienced deep states of relaxation, the removal of emotional blocks and a return to a less stressed - more authentic self.

In this workshop we will learn about the healing paths of sounds, experiment with group soundings and experience a meditative "sound bath" from playing multiple singing bowls. If you haven't experienced the healing sounds of the singing bowls you are in for a physical and mental treat.  Here is what Dr. R. Karnhem said about his experience.
“…often you go through Spirit to get release in the body – but the singing bowls relaxes the body and permits the deeper spiritual experience and enlightenment.”

Why Sound?
Your perceptions are negatively altered when your body and brain is “jazzed up” on excessive worry. Every anxious thought floods your brain with “worry” chemicals causing a neurological equivalent to someone yelling fire at a movie theater. This cascade of electrical and chemical responses can over time hard wire your brain to be addicted to worry and anxiety.

Psychologist David Feinstein writes, “For better or worse, your expectations release a flood of chemicals in your brain. Every sensation, emotion and passing thought causes millions of neurons to fire together, shaping your next response to whatever life presents (The Promise of Energy Psychology)”

Sound Therapy is a new name for an ancient practice. Recent brain research can explain what the healers and mystics of old knew all along. You can now re-program your brain through brain entrainment by playing different types of sounds and music. In effect, it can liberate your own brain’s inner resources to function at an optimum capacity. Sacred or healing sounds return your brain and consciousness back to a place of syncronicity and balance.

Join with us on the Feb. 3nd to “taste” different auditory delights.  Music and instuments exists that increase brain waves which correlate with energy, focus, relaxation, creativity and even a good night's sleep.

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