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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Brain's Negativity Bias

The Brain has what many scientist call a "negativity bias.".  This is portrayed by Dorothy in the Land of Oz as she glances about nervously saying "... lions and tigers and bears - Oh My."

You may remember a time in your life when your brain was in overdrive scanning for the next "tiger."  Many of us need a daily exercise of brain fitness to keep our brains clear of the distorted perceptions and exaggerated threats that disconnect us from our solid sense of self.  You have to wonder if our brains were designed to function in our modern hi - tech, low movement world. 

Hypervigilance and excess reactivity turns us inward creating a false sense of isolation and a defensive life posture.. When we learn to exercise our minds (and bodies) and challenge the distortions, we become more flexible and expansive. Through this integrated mind view referred to as  "Mindsight" by Dr. Dan Siegal - we experience connection, vitality and an energized way of skipping along the yellow brick road.

Mindful breath work, meridian tapping and brainwave music are just a few of my favorite mind exercises that help to dampen hypervigilance and reduce stress.

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