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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Sonic Explorations Native Flute Meditation

My work as a counselor has led me into mindfulness and music that is healing and relaxing.  Here is a link to my second Native American Flute Album which can be purchased and downloaded at (with purchase a bonus download of a very brief guided meditation "All Is Well" set to Native American Flute music is available).

Album Notes
Kristin: "Greg, I have an opening in two weeks at Quantum."
Greg: "You want to do something new?"
Kristin: "What do you have in mind?"
Greg: "How about an all native flute and singing bowl sound meditation?"
Kristin: "Let's do it!"
Thus our first collaboration on a Flute & Singing Bowl Sound Meditation was born. So we gathered at Kristin's Quantum Health & Wellness Center and were more than pleased with the meditative effect from the drone of her multiple singing bowls and a variety of different native flutes. This album "Sonic Explorations" is a live recording from this event.
The Sound Meditation has the drone from eight different crystal singing bowls flowing underneath the following different Native American Flutes.
1. White Raven Bass E Native American Flute F#
2. Singing Tree Middle Eastern Scale Flute
3. Singing Tree F# NAF
4. White Raven E Didgeridoo
5. High Spirits D Bass NAF
6. Singing Tree Middle Eastern Scale Flute G#
7. Burmese Whirling Gong
8. Blue Bear River Reed F# NAF
9. Singing Tree Done B-flat NAF
10. High Spirits High E NAF
Greg Carpenter - Native American Flutes & Didgeridoo
Kristin Johnston - Crystal Singing Bowls

Photo and Album Cover design by Greg Carpenter