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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nov. 5th. Tibetan Bowl Workshop

Workshop: "Healing Vibrations: Your Soul on Sound"

Friday November 5th 6:30 - 8:30 pm. $35/person
Workshops will be held at:
Linda Hogan’s Healing Sanctuary -  529 Rockland Road N. Scituate, RI
Facilitator: Greg Carpenter LMFT
more info. or to register: or Ph. #401.265.2951
Surround yourself with the healing sounds of ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. Try your hand at playing the bowls. Learn about the re-energizing power of sound. Experience deep relaxation, balance your energy system and open up to the flow of your spiritual self.

In this workshop you will experience…
• the healing paths of sounds
• playing different bowls
• experience a meditative "sound bath" from the harmonics of multiple singing bowls
• ways to use sound and singing bowls to nourish personal growth

About the Healing Power of Sound...
In the ancient writings of the Book of I Samuel, King Saul is struggling with “an evil spirit” or what we might refer to in modern times as a troubled soul or depression. In this pre-Prozac era, the servants counseled him to find a harpist to mend his troubled soul. The ancient text states, “David took a harp and played with his hand so Saul was refreshed and was well,…” I Sam. 16:23

David may have been the first recorded instance of music therapy. Modern music therapy has its roots in the outgrowth of a thirty-thousand year old shamanic tradition of sound as healer. All of us can identify with the refreshing and renewing power of sound and music.

My Personal Experience with Sound…
We could talk about the amplification of sound while we take up residence in the womb, but let’s jump forward to my teenage years. During High School, I would seek the solitude of our old 68’ Chrysler New Yorker and sing (making up my own lyrics) top 40 hits to sooth my adolescent mind. I worked in a local Nursing Home during my time at Bethany College and learned that singing old hymns calmed the residents when they were in pain or agitated. In graduate school, I discovered that classical music made it easier to focus and stay on task during long hours of writing and research. During my twenty years working as a pastor, I saw the power of music and song refresh minds and spirits during worship, prayer groups and during times of crisis (memory, inspiration and song was a very powerful combination).

My Experience with Sound as Therapist…
It wasn’t until six years ago that I really began to learn about the scientific basis for the healing power of sound. This led to applying clinically sound to help clients and myself in “getting unstuck” and to experiencing inner peace and happiness (for some a first time sensation). I have found vocal toning (singing sustained tones of various vowel sounds) and brainwave music effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression and painful memories. Sound treatment is striving to create a whole energy brain pattern that creates a relaxed physical, emotional and mental state (parasympathetic). Underneath most mental and emotional distress is a brain pattern and energy body that is fractured and failing to fire on all cylinders effectively. Sound therapy is a method that serves to release blocked energy patterns and improve whole brain functioning.

The Healing Power of Tibetan Bowls...
Oncologist Mitchell L. Gaynor in his book “The Healing Power of Sound” writes, “…the singing bowls act as a medium in which our inner chaos and conflict can be reconfigured into harmonious calm centeredness that resonates through every cell of our body and mind. These remarkable vessels, as beautiful to behold as they are to hear, have become an integral and essential part of the sound-based guided imagery and meditation techniques that my patients and I use to resolve negatively charged emotions.”

Two years ago one of the pastors brought her bowl to a church consultation I was facilitating. Even though she couldn’t get it to sing, my curiosity was triggered. Later, I purchased my first bowl in a holistic shop in Kansas City. After purchasing my first bowl, my collection has multiplied to eleven and still growing. The antique bowls produce harmonic and rich tones that pull you into a brain entrainment of deep relaxation.

Clients have reported…
• first time experiences of deep states of relaxation
• pain reduction and release
• the removal of emotional blocks and fears
• discovering or returning to their authentic or spiritual self
• release of negative emotions attached to traumatic memories

When you stop to think about it, sound as a source for healing and calming the human psyche is common sense. At one time or another we have all experienced the shift in mood through exposure to song or sound. The scientific basis and neurology behind sound as therapy only serves to remind me to lay claim to its power daily.  My work with sound and this workshop comes from a deep desire and enthusiasm for sharing this often untapped resource.

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