Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Introducing My YouTube Channel

I am looking to get more subscribers for my YouTube Channel. If you are looking for recordings of relaxation and entrainment music, then this channel maybe worth visiting. Flute, Hand Drums, Didgeridoo, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs (among other instruments to numerous to name) make up the harmonic recordings. Here is the link to my YouTube Channel.

I'm grinning in this headphone selfie because I am playing in my backyard recording natures offerings for the afternoon.  My most recent recording listed on my channel is my bass flute combined with my backyard recording.  Let me know your response!

Please feel free to respond with what you like to hear more of for creating stress reduction, relaxation and centering.  Currently, I am working on some guided meditation and combining various instruments with nature sounds.

Also, here is a link to my latest newsletter click here

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