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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Introduction to Sound Therapy

Last weekend I dusted off my public speaking skills and ventured outside of my psychotherapy office to present to healers, coaches and therapists at the Autumn Energy Conference in Worcester, Ma.  My topic was "Introduction To Sound Therapy."  Kind of like a Wine tasting event, everyone got a sampling of different harmonic instruments (didgeridoo, Himalayan Singing Bowls, flutes, drums and even a indigenous rattle).

If you haven't experienced a group Sound Meditation or commonly referred to as Sound Bath (and you are into stress reduction and personal transformation), then you are in for a treat!  After my talk, everyone settled in, got comfortable and experienced my facilitation of a 30 minute Sound Meditation.

I have upped my sound game since attending Gong Camp hosted by Dr. Mitch Nur in October.   Two gongs and three Burmese Whirling Gong (bells) found there way into my car and heading back home to Massachusetts.  These additions to my extensive singing bowl collection have really got me excited and have added great depth and quality to the Sound Bath experience.   The feedback was very positive and reported results even surprised me in some instances.

Here is a link to the Autumn Energy Conference Sound Bath I performed in October.  To get the full effect, a good pair of headphones are helpful. Click here for the The Sound Bath.

I will be looking for more opportunities to facilitate Sound Meditation experiences with my new ensemble of bronze harmonic instruments.

You may be wonder how all of this sound stuff works.  I could talk about brainwave entrainment, hemisyncronicity, shifting your nervous system into a rest and digest parasympathetic state and even more brain nerd stuff (which I really love).  But...

Sometimes a metaphor can communicate in terms that are easier to understand.  Imagine that your energy can be compared to a single string on a guitar.  When it is out of tune it doesn't sound or feel good.  When you turn the knob to tighten or loosen the string you can almost feel your body relax as it drop into the right note.  Imagine that our mind/body/spirit is similar to that guitar string.  When it is to tight with stress/anxiety or to loose with little energy or even depression, your energy is out of alignment or out of tune.

Sound Therapy works with your energetic tuning knob to get flow and your internal frequency back into a harmonic state.   Of course this isn't magic and sometimes people get immediate results and for others it can take many sessions to get the outcomes they are seeking (depending on the problem and circumstances).

You might be getting the impression that I bang on a drum or playing singing bowls in all of my session.  But that isn't the case.  In my counseling practice, I customize the therapy in collaboration with each individual.  So often that means each session look very different depending upon what folk are looking for and what is needed for that moment.  Sound Therapy is one of many tools that I can use to help clients find relief from their symptoms and move forward to a place of growth and thriving.

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