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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mystic Cool

Author Don Joseph Goewey is the author of the latest book I am reading, "Mystic Cool"  Daniel Siegel MD states, "In Mystic Cool, neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality find a common home, offering a place to come in from a hectic life.  Mystic Cool presents an intriguing approach to transforming a disconnected way of living with stress into a richer, more integrated way of being.

He has been a past director of psycho-social-spiritual agency that developed a mainstream approach to helping people face and shift catastrophic situations and was a lead executive at Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry.  He has worked as Bosnian refuge camps, AIDS wards and prisons.  Although he has "delivered workshops and keynotes throughout the world" he isn't a psychotherapist and thus brings a lay practicality to the new discoveries of neuroscience and neuroplasticity.

Check out his website at
Look for his 6 week telelass on learning how to rewire your brain for peace of mind.

Old View
Old brain science stated that the brain was immutable and set by adulthood.  "If nature, social conditioning, an poor quality of nurturing during childhood wire a person's brain for fear, then flight or fight and the stress it causes are likely to dominate a person's life."

New View 
He states that by the mid 90's research had already demonstrated that the brain responds to the mind when given directions.  What many of us learned in school was incorrect.  Today compelling evidence has been gathered that reveals that the brain is "dynamic; remodeling itself continually in response to experience."  Another way to state this is that the way our brain fires is the way it wires.

We can rewire our brain through persistent interventions and practice.  He states that this can begin to take hold in as little as eight weeks.

Five years ago my own approach to my thoughts and feelings shifted with the discovery of the neuroplasticity of the brain and two tools, "brain music" Stress and Brain Music and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Instructions.  Persistent use of these techniques does feel like my brain has been rewired for the better.
When it comes to anxiety, you will discover that the problem isn't the problem.  Rather, the fact we are worrying is "the problem."  When we stress, ruminate and obsess we are conditioning our brain to be quicker to respond with stress and worry with lesser thresholds.  When we stop worrying we can start problem solving (which is different).  When we are problem solving we define the issue, brainstorm solutions and then take actions steps to engage the problem.  Worry and ruminating fools us into thinking we problem solving.  

For more information check out this interview with Don Goewey at Podcast "Rewiring Your Brain"

I think his work gets an A+ for practical application.   Let me know what your think.

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