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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tapping Tips

"Traditional Talk Therapy" can provide relief. But I have found that deeper issues need processing through right brain techniques like EFT (I have had success with healing sounds, EMDR, EFT and a newer technique called Brainspotting).

Currently, I am getting some interesting and positive results with clients who have chronic issues. Sometimes the energy reversal run so deep that persistent tapping is required to develop new thought and feeling patterns. Clients with chronic depression or anxiety have turned things around by tapping on just two points on the hour throughout the day. You can try this for one day or two consecutive days. Of course this has taken place in the context of therapy pinpointing where clients feel stuck (this isn't "official EFT" but my own adaptati0n).

This tapping homework provided the break through we weren't able to get through regular tapping during sessions. Some folk have taken the homework to the next level and have tapped on all the EFT points. Repeating the entire EFT script on the hour is even better. But I have found better homework compliance with folk who choose to tap on just two points on the hour.

The Two Points
The two points are the Karate Chop point located on the side of your hand and the point located Under you Nose. Tap five times on each point on the hour from morning to bed time. As with all suggestions if symptoms get worse stop what your are doing and seek professional assistance.

For Tapping Newbies
Often "newbies" to tapping get hung up on doing it "right" or using the correct words. Even seasoned veterans sometimes get reversed on an issue and don't feel like tapping or can't find the right words (a clear sign of being reversed). Tonight I discovered a web site that should benefit to those who like more concrete instructions tailored to their specific feeling or issue.

This web site is free and allows you to enter your feeling or thing that happened (what I call the "itch") and automatically creates a script for you to use inserting your feeling or issue. It is located at

Surf over to the website and give it a try.

Looking forward to your feedback on either tapping tips.

If you are reading this post and saying to yourself "huh?" Then jump to an earlier article and read "The Basic Emotional Freedom Technique Recipe" listed under Labels as "EFT Instructions."

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