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Friday, December 19, 2008

Energizing The Journey

I have always been drawn to opportunities that create energy, vitality and connection. "Energizing the Journey" has been a work in process for the past twenty-three years of my professional life (check out my new web site At times in my work, I have experienced compassion fatigue through work, exposure to traumatic stress, and a brain that has it's own issues with winter in New England.

Since my experience working at Ground Zero following 9.11 in NYC, I have spent significant time educating myself around issues related to the brain and stress (traumatic or otherwise). This has resulted in discovering and refining several "power techniques" that provide highly effective and efficient results for stress and mind management.

In my energy "toolbox," Emotional Freedom Technique, Brainwave Music and Power Questions are a few of my favorite mental renewal techniques. These "power techniques" are effective for creating renewal and rebooting the mind, body and spirit.

I hope that during this busy holiday season you will take the time to practice some of your own tried and true methods for renewal. Here is one of my favorites...

Mental Acupressure

Stimulating acupressure points while mentally focusing on a distressing thought or feeling is quite effective for providing relief.
  • Tap 7 - 10 times at point located at the beginning of your eye brow EB

  • Tap 7 - 10 times on the side of your eye SE

  • Tap 7 - 10 times under you eye UE

  • Tap 7 - 10 times under your nose UN

  • Tap 7 - 10 times under your lower lip UL

  • Tap 7 - 10 times with your open palm at your collar bone point (where the neck meets the notch in your collar bone)

  • Take deep breath and notice change in focus and thought.

  • Enhanced results by naming your distress and saying "this ____ (ex. "holiday stress") at each of the designated points.

These technique is a shortened version of the Emotional Freedom Technique created by Gary Craig. Increases blood flow to the brain, clears mental clutter and interrupts "fight or flight" response. Persistence and continual tapping will provide results.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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