Thursday, January 11, 2018

Healing Vibrations: Your Soul on Sound

It has been awhile since my last workshop.
Been busy with many other
nourishing activities but have felt the itch to share
experiences and insights from my counseling practice through groups and workshops.  So to kick off the new year I will be returning to The Soul Purpose with my Healing Vibrations: your Soul on Sound event.

Cost:   $35/person
Date:  Thursday Feb. 8, 2018
Time:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Experience & Discover...

  • ·         The centering power of Sound
  • ·         Meditating w/ Singing Bowls
  • ·         Using Sound for Stress Relief   
  • ·         Experience a 45 min. Sound Meditation 

Workshops will be held at

The Soul Purpose
1225 GAR Highway
 Swansea,  Ma.

Leader:  Greg Carpenter  LMFT
Energy Psychotherapy
EFT & Healing Sound Therapy

During our time together I will teach you how to clear stress, anxiety, negative thinking and return to your centered Self through varous modalities of sound.  You will have a chance to experience the soothing power of drumming, native flutes, didgeridoos and Himalayan Singing Bowls and how they can be used to keep you centered. We will end with centering forty-five minute sound meditation through the harmonic vibrations of a Himalayan singing bowls and gongs.

To register for the workshop, or to learn more, please contact Jessica Kozak:
Call:  (774) 264-1329 or  Email:
Register Deadline:       Tuesday, Feb. 6th  

“…often you go through Spirit to get release in the body – but the singing bowls relaxes the body and permits the deeper spiritual experience and enlightenment.”  Dr. R. Karnehm