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EFT and Weight Loss


Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the mind/body stress that is connected to disease, negative emotions and the engines that drives overeating.  Through tapping on cravings and core issues you can learn how to "eat to live" instead of "live to eat." I have personally experienced this shift through EFT.

Emotional Overeating
Often we mistake hunger for needing relief from stress and negative emotions.  When we let our feelings drive our eating behavior - food becomes more than just food.  This is emotional overeating.  The urge to eat is often based on an unconscious desire to tranquilize ourselves.  If we eat emotionally, no diet is going to work.  Sometimes results can be rapid with EFT.  But often there are no quick fixes when issues have taken years to develop.  Energy or Tapping Techniques used with daily persistence and application can lead to letting food be food. 

My Weight Loss Journey

During this past year I have lost 50 lbs. through using EFT to handle cravings and underlying issues connected to overeating.  I have been a psychotherapist for over 25 years and seven years of using EFT in my therapy practice.  Yet, it wasn't until I worked with another EFT practitioner that I was able to discover how much emotional overeating was behind my weight issues.  I speak from experience about issues of resistance, hitting plateaus and struggling with self sabotage. EFT has made all the difference and I am still tapping my way to my wellness weight.

By tapping on ancient acupuncture points and using modern psychology you can begin your journey toward permanent weight loss.  Eliminating the emotional underpinnings of overeating is key to reaching and sustaining your goal weight.

What is EFT?

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Instructions for Basic Emotional Freedom Technique

Group Work or Individual Sessions?

Meridian Tapping and Energy Psychology can be used to reach your Wellness Weight, stop food cravings, tame your resistance and resolve core emotional issues that contributes to overeating.  These topics are covered in my workshop on EFT & Wt. Loss you will...



• Identify & Eliminate Emotional Overeating

• Resolve Limiting Beliefs & Release Motivation

Many participants have jump started and sustained their weight loss goals by daily tapping and  participating in the workshops.  Sometimes the resistance is so great that individual sessions in person, by phone or Skype are needed to make progress. 

In my own experience EFT Skype and phone sessions provided results.

What IF I Can't Get Motivated?

When someone is highly resistant there is usually a blocking belief or wounding emotional experience lurking around.  Ask yourself the following questions meditatively and notice your "felt" response (usually the first thing that comes to mind).  Credit to Dr. Sandi Randomski for the four blocking beliefs.

Blocking Beliefs
• Safety – It is safe to lose weight?  Don't answer logically but notice the felt response in your body?  You will get a yes, no or maybe answer.

• Possibility – It is possible to lose weight.  Many folk will answer yes, but feel an internal response saying it is not possible to lose weight permanently.

• Deserving – I deserve to lose weight.

• Identity – will I still be me if I lose weight or I will still be a good person if I lose weight.

Emotional Wound/TraumaThe presence of an emotional wound or trauma associated with the drive to   overeat is also an important factor.  One person remembered a childhood event that was painful and using food as a comfort.  The resistance to letting food be food was released when they targeted the painful memory, tapped persistently and eliminated the negative feelings attached to the event.   

If all or any of the five issue get a yes answer.  Then targeting the tapping on that particular issue is the on ramp for results.  My resistance to tapping on my overeating melted away after one session of targeting and tapping on an old painful memory.